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Access your account with CU-Connect
CU-Connect provides a rich interface for viewing account information and performing financial transactions. To access CU-Connect, you will need your account number and a personalized PIN code. If you have not established a PIN code for CU-Connect, please call the Credit Union during normal business hours for assistance.

CU-Connect provides easy access to the most common inquiry functions:
  • Share account balance
  • Share transaction history
  • Loan details
  • Loan transaction history
  • Certificate details
  • Certificate transaction history
  • Check clearing information
  • Tax information
  • Statement access
CU-Connect provides an interface for performing the most common transactions:
  • Share to share transfer
  • Share transfer between accounts
  • Loan payment
  • Advance on a line of credit
  • VISA payment
  • Withdrawal by check

Access your Credit Card accounts with ezCardInfo
To access EZCardInfo.com, you need your 16 digit card number, the zip code of your billing address, and the three digit card verification number found on the back of your credit card. Some members have reported that you must enter your information twice to successfully sign-on to the site. If you have attempted to sign-on multiple times, but are still unable to access your account, please inform the Credit Union. EZCardInfo.com provides access to all details of your credit card account:
  • Balance
  • Payment Information
  • Transaction Summary
  • Available Credit

Pay your bills online with MyCUServices
Electronic Bill Payment (EBP) is a service that makes it simple and convenient to pay your monthly bills. All you have to do is verify that the amount you have been billed is correct, and then schedule the payment. Your Credit Union will do the rest!

You can schedule recurring payments of the same amount (i.e. mortgage), or different amounts (credit cards & utilities). You can pay large corporations or you can have a payment sent to your babysitter down the street. Unlike some Bill Pay services, we will cut a check to pay your bill if electronic payments are not accepted.

The service is simple to use and once you enter information to pay the first bill the system will record it for the next time. Your bill payment history speeds the process of paying billed amounts that vary from month to month.

Payments should be requested no less than five (5) business days prior to the bill's due date to ensure they are received on time. You'll enjoy convenience and time savings when paying your bills electronically.

Bill pay is accessed directly from within CU-Connect. After signing on to CU-Connect, click the Bill Pay button to get started.

Ontario Shores FCU provides this as a free service to member/owners who have checking accounts.